Documentary film ,,Timok Romanians 100 years after the Great Unification"

Monday, September 10th 2018 / Negotin, Serbia / TimocPress

Committee for Human Rights Negotin through TimocPress in partnership with the Institute "Eudoksiu Hurmuzaki" for cross-border Romanians realizes documentary film about the Timok Romanians within the centenary of the great unification.



The realization of the documentary film will contribute to the increase in the level of informing Romanians from Romania, Timok region, but also those from other historical communities, as well as the Diaspora, in terms of the specifics of the community of Romanians in Eastern Serbia and facilitate access to specialists,the decisive factors and institutions from Bucharest, as well as outside of Romania, in clarifying the particularities of this community. Awareness of the continuity of the common historical memory of all Romanians is another element that counts in the project's goal. The recording will take place in the period from 25 May to 25 July 2018.

The project takes place in the context of marking the Day of Cross Border Romanians, is ranked in the events dedicated to the Centenary of great unification and was enlisted in the 2018 program of activities of the "Institute "Eudoksiu Hurmuzak" for Cross-border Romanians - Strategic program - Common Romanian cultural space - The centenary of great unification 1918 - 2018.

Documentary film "Timok Romanians 100 years after the Great Unification" supported by:

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