How the Romanians in Serbia lived the events of 1989


"Step to Freedom" is the story of Romanians in Serbia who watched 30 years ago on TV what's happening in Romania. It's a story with extraordinary people, with whom wants to meet you, the author of this show, Cosmin Citariuc, journalis of Romanian TV from Timisoara.

It will be aired on SBB channel 305 RTV INTERNATIONAL in the following terms: - Saturday, Dec 14 at 2.30pm and reruns 19.12. at 9 pm - TVR and Dec 15 at 2.30pm - TVR Moldova Romanian time, and according to ours at 1.30pm and 8.00pm hours!

In the show participates Remus Avramescu and Doru Trifu  a story how, from the very beginning, TV NS directly broadcasted the events that started in the Romanian TV studio for three days and two nights, Doru Trifu translation and explanations. At the same time, our teams with Remus Avramescu and the deceased Laszlo Thoth reported from Timisoara and Bucharest ..., also participated Marinel Petrica, Dusan Prvulovic and Bojan Aleksanrovic.


















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