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Beside the Serbian and English redaction, the TIMOC PRESS News Agency has redaction in Romanian language, also.

The Romanian redaction is required in order to preserve and nurture the language, the tradition and the customs of the Romanians / Vlachs living in this part of Serbia. TIMOC PRESS produces its own program from the ground or from its own studio that is mounted and distributed via Internet domain and that news from electronic online news agency, musical, documentary and propaganda audio and video material. Electronic news agency publishes news from the region in which live Romanians (Istro-Romanians, Aromanians or Cincars, Vlachs, Meglen Vlachs, Moldovans ....) As well as special columns: COLUMNS, POLICY, SOCIETY, ECONOMY, RELIGION, SPORT, CULTURE, INTERWIEV, REPORT and INFO. Audio production contains popular music from the narrower and the wider region in which live Romanians (Istro-Romanians, Aromanians or Cincars, Vlachs, Meglen Vlachs, Moldovans ...) Video production archives and provides an overview of material which the team of TIMOC PRESS recorded and mounted, as well as material derived from other productions, televisions or independent cameraman.

TIMOC PRESS News Agency exists since January 1st, 2006. 

The project will be implemented in a period from 1 March to 31 December of 2018. It is supported by the Ministry for Romanians abroad from 2005.





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