Saturday, 06/13/2020 / Belgrade, Serbia / TimocPress

Are minorities a safe ticket to parliamentand why someone appears in every election who would like to enter the assembly through minorities is the topic of one part of the show "Among Us". 


Saturday, 06/13/2020 / Belgrade, Serbia / TimocPress

Romanian National Party - RNP goes to the local elections in Kucevo and Boljevac on June 21, 2020. 


Wednesday, Mar 4, 2020/ Belgrad, Serbia/ TimocPress

Serbia is from today and officially in the election campaign. On April 26, citizens will have the opportunity to vote in parliamentary, provincial and local elections. Alliance for Serbia has announced boycott of election


Saturday, 06/13/2020 / Belgrad, Serbia/ TimocPress

The elections for deputies of the Republic of Serbia in 2020 were scheduled for April 26, the same day as the local and provincial elections. However, due to the outbreak of the Corona virus pandemic and declaring a state of emergency, the date of their holding has been moved to June 21, 2020.


Wednesday, January 15,  2020 / Brisel, Belgija / TimocPress

Euđen Tomak u Evropskom parlamentu optužuje srpske vlasti da ne poštuju prava timočkih Rumuna: „Zahtevam da Evropska komisija sprovede istragu“


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